Eating Disorder Treatment

If you or someone you love has an eating disorder, there is hope.  It is not your fault, you are not alone, and help is available.  If you suspect an eating disorder in yourself, a family member, or friend, an assessment by someone specializing in eating disorder treatment is a positive first step.  Recommendations can be made to begin your journey toward recovery and healing.  Experience in an eating disorder treatment center as well as the supervision and mentoring of many gifted and highly trained therapists has created a passion within me to support and help those suffering from the many forms of the disorder.

Many adolescents and adults suffer silently and needlessly for years before finally seeking help.  This creates a more lengthy and difficult treatment process. Finding treatment within your provider network does not always ensure that you will receive an accurate diagnosis or the specific treatment and specialized skills to intervene and properly address the symptoms.  Specialized treatment by those specifically trained to treat eating disorders is recommended.

Early intervention and treatment can save many years of suffering and misery.  It is very beneficial to address symptoms early in children, adolescents, and college aged clients when the disorder is most often triggered.  I also work with older adults with eating disorders who often are experiencing difficulty for the first time late in life while others have suffered their entire adult lives.  While we don't know what causes an eating disorder, we do know that cultural influences to be thin and dieting put very young girls, and adult women at risk.  We also know that 20% of those suffering are now boys and men with the cultural pressure to be "buff," "ripped," or to have a "six pack."  People do not "outgrow" eating disorders.  This illness is progressive and without intervention, it may change in form but it will not just go away.

My office is in a comfortable and relaxed outpatient setting.  If a client is not responding to outpatient treatment and requires a higher level of care, I can and do make recommendations to other programs that can expedite the recovery process.

Special Links for Eating Disorder Support

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